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Montage was shown at Galleri Mejan between the 17th and 24th October 2012.

The physical exhibition consisted of two rooms with large-scale installations, the first was divided in half with a 2.5 meter wide water basin anchored in a 2 inches high wooden floor covered with white faux fur, and the other contained a chromed podium stage pole hidden behind a circular forest green velvet drape with the opening facing away from the room's entrance. In addition, there was a third room up in the attic (accessible only to visitors who made ​​it through the basin), where I installed a gaming station for my master's thesis Kasern III. During the gallery's opening hours the exhibition was available for public viewing, and then in the evening the gallery closed and the installations were used as an interface for 25 private performance sessions with the same title as the exhibition. All sessions were given by appointment only for one visitor at a time.

For a full text disclosure describing one of these performance sessions (in Swedish) click here.

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