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Tecknets Dimension



"Vet du att jag läste en gång om en kvinna, som varje gång hon blundade såg för sitt inre en svärm av bin..."



Friday the 8th of May Galleri Residens gave the public an opportunity to see what is produced beneath the surface of the sign(s); through buzz and rumble, where faces are at the same time covered and visible. For three hours they could visit the underbelly of the world, where mystique, melancholy, staggering attempts at establishing proof of God's existence and semiotic cleansing (with a pungent smell of chloride) get mixed up in an exclusive, elusive mess.


To get to the exhibition, visitors were told to go to Alvik (metro station) and listen to a sound file with a man (Fredrik Sjöberg) guiding them to the location of the exhibition. You can listen to it here, in Swedish:


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